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tv   [untitled]    December 22, 2010 5:00pm-5:30pm PST

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loan is tax deductible. if you do that and assuming that we have the same historical rate of escalation, you can start going cash flow positive from the first day. in other words your payback can be immediate, now. making money. are there any hidden costs? the inverter typically is has a 10-year warranty that will last about 15 years we're estimating and they're getting better all the time. the solar people will build that replacement cost into your financial analysis and maintenance. the only maintenance that i ever do on my panels is a keep them clean when the pollen starts going. i don't live in a dusty area and i don't have birds nesting above the panels. i discourage that for obvious reasons. if they're tilted, you're going to be fine. on a real test, the maximum loss is around 7% even if they didn't wash them. most of the solar homes bought
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in the last five years and they're just starting to turn over. we're getting hard data on what this does to appraisal values. there has been some study that supports sort of the idea that, yeah, if two homes, all things being equal and the p.v. system looks decent, that if a home has $150 electric bill and this has a $10 a month, that going to be more valuable and have $140 available for mortgage payments, so you can pay more. we'll see if the figures will hold up. we need hard data to support that. it's very likely. there is also another thing about home ownership, california passed a solar rights act which is basically a law that basically supports solar, but it's very supportive law for h.o.a.'s and homeowners association and other condo things that can't privilege allowsly oppose solar. it's hard to oppose on a don't like the look of it, obviously
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you want to get along with the neighbors, but the law is on your side. now you're thinking maybe i want to continue to do this. first off do the energy audit stuff and find an installer like you would do any other contractor. he takes care of the paperwork and the permits for you and floats the rebate. you just got to get one you like and want and sign those papers. how do you find an installer and how do you choose the ones you want? just like anyone else, you screen some people out, you do personal references, you check their website, you talk to them about the basics and ask for the address to see if you have some good roof space. if you decide it's ok for a salesperson to come out, they'll do that for you. it's all free. if someone tries to charge you for bids, almost no one will. pass on it. i want to give you the key information that you need to compare bids properly. there is just one little area in there. there is a d.c. and an a.c. system size.
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i don't want to into details on that i want to make sure you get the right -- that's the only area of confusion that i have seen on bids that can affect the sales part of it. so first off, i want you to get the full price. that means the maximum you'll be charged. that includes any additional things that they may charge you because you have a difficult roof or steeply pitched roof or concrete tile or whatever they might see. you get that full price. that's before rebate, before tax credit. then you take the system size in cec, california energy commission a.c. watts. that term is understood by the people in the industry. that means they use the c.e.c. ratings to determine the a.c. wattage. you get the per watt price. you divide this by this. you get the price per a.c. watt. you want to ask about permit fees as well. each city typically will charge fees. now those fees are coming down and we're working very hard to get them standardized and clear. there is some cost.
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sometimes the installers will pass that on to you. ask how they're dealing with it. you say, ok, what's my watt. let's see it was four d.c. but you'll have 18% less here, so that's the number you want, you divide this by that and you get that. so this would be 926 a watt. therefore, you can compare apples to apples. they have a standard calculator that they use on the web and they include that printout on your bid and they have to file that printout in your rebate application. so there is another possibility of lowering costs, the group buy. when i went, in i went in with a bunch of friends because i thought i wanted to bring people in because i knew all of these people, these greeny homeowners that were needing to walk the talk and because i brought a lot of businesses vendor, they lowered all of our price because this economy is of scale. maybe that price can drop 50 cents a watt or more.
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that's another idea. there are ones that are just beginning where you can actually lease the system. you don't have to put any money up front at all. somebody else will own the system for you. you may pay an upfront cost a little bit that is less than what you might pay normally or some of them may not at all, depending on how they can make the finances work. the whole goal is to try to get you into p.v. with the least amount of resistance possible. instead of paying maybe the utility per month, you're going green and paying somebody else. thank you very much for your time. it's a pleasure. i'll take questions and i'll be here afterwards as long as you need me. thank you very much. [applause] >> so that's it, solar basics. first we talked about the technology, how it works and how it all hooks together. then we talked about net
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metering and how that makes solar easy and worry-free and finally we talked about the incentives from the state and the federal government that lower the cost and makes solar affordable. for further information visit our website or come visit us in person. all the classes at the pacific energy center are free of charge. thanks for showing us an actual system being installed and thank you for being with us. hope to see you soon.
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>> i have to figure out who is here. we were waiting for my chief of staff to finish a phone call. my apologies for being late. we want to create suspense. i am very grateful. i am looking around the room, and there are so many of you that are here. i will spare the indignity to jose and dufty, president of the board, david chu, to sean elsberdn and some supervisor- elects, or will be here. marquez, where is he. somewhere in the back.
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i thank them for being here with all of you. i mam grateful you came out today. this is one of my last public swearing-in ceremonies. i am glad you didn't all applaud. an encouraging sign. a meaningful one to me. i have said this story so many times. this is important for me, because this is where i started. in a seat like some of you when willie brown had eleanor johns or somebody call me to say he wanted to appoint me to the film commission. i was 26 and went to a lot of
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movies. i ran down and we were there before the city hall was ren novated.willi. brown says, to those who are assembled, pat kelly, i am happy that she will be with the parks and recreation department. butler, she and her father --- me and her father were partners. newsom, the chair of the parking and traffic commission. without telling anybody. i had no idea. i tried to act confident. i could see eleanor saying, what was that. as only willie brown can do.
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we have two cameras today. one, we brought. we had one camera. channel four, before young broadcasting. they were very formal. the reporter runs up to me. i didn't know what it meant. she said, what is your vision? i knew i was in over my head. i have tried not to repeat the mistake willie brown made. he got lucky, i hope. i figured it out and tried to impress some folks. he appointed me to the board of supervisors. i've tried to be a little more
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comprehensive when it comes to analyzing the pros and cons of those i'm appointing. taking less risk than brown took with me. this is an assembly of those individuals. these are people i'm reapp ointing and appointing. all i ask is that you do the public good. you represent not only the people in the room, as important as they are because they took the time to be here, but the people were not able to make it to that meeting, or that board meeting.
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people that are not necessarily advocates with a particular interest,benign or as appropriate as this may be. you have a duty to the people and the county of san francisco. and your conduct is important because if you do something wrong, it will reflect badly on every single one of us, friends and family members. you have to love and respect the city. few have to be people of integrity, people of purpose. keep an open mind. and i can say this, because you do not need to do this anymore, give the mayor head's up. you will be here longer than i will. if you have a strong opinion that is different from the
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regular -- the status opinion, or the opinion of the mayor. there was a department leader that was removed at 1:00 in the morning by the commission that had their own opinions. i changed my mind, willie brown said, "i told you so." it took a few years. i get it. just give the mayor head's up. that is all they deserve. at least for the next 30 days, consider me. thank you for being here. we have the airport commission, the asian art museum commission, this is wonderful. i know that we have some challenges.
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city hall and preservation advisory committee and, the southeast community facilities commission. we have to get to that next level. the room on treasure island and the war memorial board. this is a comprehensive swearing in. i will begin and we will get right to the swearing in, acknowledging charlotte schultz. thank you for letting us out. those are her stairs. she read about that congestion pricing idea and got crazy ideas about charging people. it costs less to go down than to go up. matthew, since you interfaced
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with everybody. and our secretary-liasson. he can keep his independence in the mayor's office. tom, thank you for serving on the commission on aging. we have one of the premier service departments. i meant that. the work they've done has been recognized across the state and the award. peter stern, a young guy working for a local company here. somebody new to political life. i am grateful he will be on the airport commission. doris ward, no need to say more. she will be reappointed.
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a legend in our city, serving for decades. thank you for serving on the asian art museum. to kevin clinch and frank lee. i am very proud. the department of building inspection was not what i thought that this could be when i was here. we had to mix things up. frank and evin were helping to get this back on track. to pat kelly, the first woman stock broker. broke that barrier decades ago. this is one of the most connected human beings in the city.
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i am very proud. why not put her on a commission. she will preserve city hall. a great friend of everyone. i get choked up talking about pat. michaeah allen. his family is here. i will make him look good. a public applicant at the housing authority. i am very excited. he is going to serve. hi said to marion, she runs treasure island. she had great connections in washington d.c. as the housing director.
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she is very kind to serve again on the housing authority. henry, look out. that is the director. to mark keller, mark is here. where is he? there you are. a great guy. does so much good work and a great friend of all of ours. wel-known. i don't know what we were thinking. jose had a conflict. if you want to know what's going on, lean over, ask a friend. [laughter] >> juvenile policy commission. suzie has her work cut out ofor
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her but is -- for her but is outstanding. you will take this task. to paige oeratta, formerly page barry. nobody is more committed to the city. ginsberg would say that this would bring a breath of fresh air. this commission is getting into the next level. i am very happy that she was wanting to do this. the people in this city are going to be well served by this appointment. [applause] steven lee and nattie ramirez, thank you for being reappointed to the relocation appeals court.
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there are a lot of relocations and appeals. some projects -- this commission will matter. this is about to get very busy. thank you for staying around with the real work in front of you in the next few years. nattie, we know you. when can we get her on a commission? nattie is known to many p offeopl-- people. to armenia brown. to her willingness to serve on this commission. i know you like this. she is my cheerleading section. we want to do something for her.
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she is there in my ofice. fice. stand up, soon to be co mmissioner. i can't just say good morning. she will say to call her by her appropriate name. to brown and willy kennedy. thank you for your good work. for everything you've done for the city in the southweeast sector. thank you for being willing to serve. be audacious. moses is wanting to change
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things up. prada. vry proud of -- very proud of becca. we had to coerce her to do this, illegally. and she was kind of letting us. and now she loves this. and now she is going to get a full term. all that i ask is, did not forget who i am. thank you for being willing to be reappointed. larry del carlo. this is a legend down in the mission. he does a lot of great things and i won't even start. and her coffee is getting cold. larry is great and he will be a great contributor to the work on treasure island.
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this is a major deal. we are 99% finished with this. this will be revitalized with a hole in the community. i could not be more proud. the next mayor is going to take all the credit. i said, did not forget willie brown and everything he has done for treasure island. to larry mazolla jr. this is an advocate for the working families. his father and grandfather were legendary in this town. this is critical to the reconstruction of this island. thank you for your willingness to serve. we are almost finished. i love this guy. i didn't know him well before i
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became mayor. he is ready to move on and get new people in commissions. it was just fortuitous that he was a resident on treasure island and would like to be the resident applicant. thank you for your service. i am grateful. belva davis. tom horn. claud jarmen. neil stafford. i don't know if anybody's heard of belva davis. i don't know who's idea was there to appoint her to the war
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memorial board. my idea is fabulous, steve. i am glad he came up with the idea. thank you for your service ans being reappointed. tom horn, an amazing guy. tom, thank you for your service and now you carry your baton. claud jarmin, the only academy award-winner. thank you for your service. an outstanding job. thank you for continuing to serve. stafford had a short
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appointment. he said, he'd take it and se how it goes. it is a big deal to have his enthusiasm. war memorial is being remodeled. a lot of work going on over there. they will matter, grateleatly. now it is time to mention the last person swarn in. faye lee. it went on my list. thank you. faye is a good friend of all of ours. thank you for your continuing contributions to the city. that's it.
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did i forget anyboyd? anybody else want to get sworn in. if you need me, i am around. we had a great recommendation. tom shay might have called, or p.j. on challen 26. they said to charlotte, we are sick of that mayor guy. we always see him but not the people being sworn in. i will ask you to stand back here. i will stand here so everybody can see you get sworn in. come on up here. you have to be in two rows. >> thank you, mayor. >> thank you, darling.
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a little more attention. mark, i start -- willy, i start with you. i wil lsasl say "aye" and you sy your name until belva. i will mention the commission. raise your right hand. >> i. >> i. [saying names]
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do solemnly swear that i will support and defend the constitution of the united states and the state of california. my true faith and allegiance to theis and i take this obligation freely with no mental reservation or purpose. that are we -- that i will faithfully discharge the duties that i am about to enter. during such a time as i hold this, s a member of


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